Thursday, June 11, 2015

Room 9 at the Art Gallery!!

We had a very exciting day today!  We went to the Dunedin Art Gallery!  We met Mr Neumegen,  the Education Teacher at the Art Gallery who showed us some beautiful artworks with a pirate theme.  Gosh we were an attentive audience!

We had a pirate battle at the Art Gallery!!! Who would be the champion pirate?
First Adam battled Mr Neumegen at Rock Paper Scissors - Adam won!!
Then Adam battled Tyler - and Tyler won!!!
 Next Tyler battled Amelia - Amelia won!!!
 Then it was Amelia against Ollie R. - and Ollie R. won!!!
We battled against each other and the top champion went against Ollie - and Ollie won again!! He was our pirate champion of the day!!

After that Room 9 students transformed themselves into a beautiful piece of art.....can you spot your pirate friends?  Some of them have FIERCE expressions!!

Next we went upstairs to the Education Area.  We watched a short pirate movie and then a fabulous pirate play!!  Ollie K., Jay and Amelia were the stars - they did an amazing job!

Then it was time to get creating!!  We learned about "drawing with scissors", and making fantastic works of art by just cutting out pieces of paper.  Mr Neumegen had a great idea to make animal pirates!  First we choose animal faces , and then we cut out bodies, peg legs, belts, shoes, hooks, hands - and then we glued them all down.  Finally we added some treasure and weapons and then we admired our work - we had created some fierce animal pirates!!!


  1. Wow Room 9 what amazing are all very talented pirates. You time at the art gallery looked like lots of fun :)

    Julie (Ollie K's Mum)