Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Room 9 meets Harold the giraffe!

We had an exiting day today - we got to meet Harold the giraffe from the Life Education programme!!

Harold came to Wakari School in a big truck.  We lined up outside the truck and met the educator.  He asked us to line up from shortest to tallest - we did it in super speedy time!

We couldn't wait to go inside!!  We made sure to hold onto the hand rail on our way in and carefully walk into the truck.

When we got inside we met Harold!! He was adorable!!

Harold had some exciting news - he was going to a birthday party for the first time ever, but he didn't really know the difference between party food and everyday food.  

Thankfully the clever children in Room 9 knew which food is party food and which food is everyday food!  Together we worked out where different food types are in the food pyramid.  Party food is at the top of the pyramid, so it is food that eat we eat only sometimes.  Our delicious fruits and vegetables are at the bottom of the food pyramid so we eat them everyday.

After talking about the food pyramid, we talked about where food goes in your body.  We met Harold's plastic doll "Tam", who helped us see where the food goes in our bodies.  We discussed about how first we crunch and munch the food with our teeth.  Then the food slides down our oesophagus (that was a BIG new word for us!).  After that the food gets squished in our stomach and is then sent on to our blood stream to give us energy.  We used some of our energy dancing in Harold's truck!

We learned interesting things from Harold today - and we get to go back next week and learn some more things about healthy eating and healthy bodies! 

And guess what?!  When the lights are turned down in Harold's truck we can see the moon and stars on the ceiling!  We thought that was fabulous!

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