Saturday, June 6, 2015

The amazing writers in Room 9 have been busy creating pirate stories!  We hope you enjoy reading our stories.

 My pirate is called Mity.  Mity is big and short.  She lives on an island.  She found the treasure and she lived happily ever after.  By Katie

 Room 14 went to sea.  They met a pirate.  The pirate made a girl walk the plank.  She found a mermaid in the sea.  She helped them catch the pirates.  It was a big day.  By Matilda
 Once upon a time there was a pirate called Jack.  He has long hair and an eye patch.  He went to pirate school.  He lived happily ever after.  By Flynn.
 Over the hills and far away Mister Sharky found treasure.  By Felix
 Once upon a time my friend Matilda is a dragon.  She is red.  She has two nostrils.  She is very nice.  I woke up.  I was on a desert island.  Aaaaaaah!  By Lexie
 Kind pirate Riley looks for treasure.  He find it.  He sails away.  Pirates live in a ship.  He lives happily ever after.  By Lucy

 Captain Hook looks strong and big.  Crocodiles are in the water and people walk the plank.  Pirates have maps and on islands they have gold and treasure.  They have swords and telescopes that the pirates look through.  By Miki
 Room 9 went searching for gold from Captain Hook.  Captain Hook woke up and heard the children.  He caught the children and made all of the children walk the plank.  By Callum

 Long long ago there was a pirate called Captain Hook.  He was a mean pirate.  He searched for gold.  They found the treasure and lived happily ever after.  By Ollie K.
 The pirates got on to the ship.  They made Room 9 walk the plank.  Room 9 got back on the ship again.  By Rosie
One day there was a pirate.  He loved treasure so much that he wanted all of it.  By Milly

 Addy Paddy is a very happy pirate and very naughty.  They shot the cannon at the captain but he dodged it.  He lives on a big pirate ship.  They lived happily ever after.  By Adam.

Ollie is a nice pirate.  He has a beard and he is fat.  He has a pirate ship and he has a happy cannon and a parrot.  He has a sharp sword and on his pirate ship he has a skull flag.  Another pirate put the pirate ship on fire and all of the pirates had to walk the brown plank.  They  swam to a sandy island and they found gold.  They saw a crocodile.  They lived happily ever after.

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  1. These are fantastic stories. Well done everybody :) I love the pictures!