Monday, July 27, 2015

The Cross Country!!!

The Room 9 runners did so well at the Cross Country today!!  Have at a look at our action shots!!
First the Year 1 students ran - and the Year 2s cheered them on!

Go Felix!!! (and Mae from Room 8!!)
Go Callum!!

 Go Amalia!!!
 Go Yannic!!
 Go Ollie!

Go Tyler!!
 Go Flynn!!
Go Noah!!

 Go Jade!! And big brother Jackson!!

Then the Year 2s had their race, and the Year 1s cheered them on!
 Go Ollie!! (Can you spot him in the white headed for the trees!?)
 Go Adam!!

Go Chihiro!!

 Go Matilda!! Go Lexie!!
 Go Charlie!!

 Go Jay!! Go Lucy!!
Go Milly!!
Go Katie!! Go Rosie!!
Go Amelia!!

Well done Room 9!! Didn't they do well? :)

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