Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Visiting our penpals!

Today we went to visit our penpals at Kaikorai Primary School!  We have been writing to our penpals all year long so we were super excited to finally meet them!
We took the public bus (Helensburgh to City) to Kaikorai Primary School - it was soooo cold!! But we waited very patiently for the bus, and we were very respectful to the other passengers on the bus - making sure we only used our "whisper voices", we think they loved sharing the bus with us!

When we got to Kaikorai Primary School we spent time getting to know our penpals, we read books, we did gymnastics, and we chatted together - we just loved meeting our penpals!!

 Then the bell rang and it was time for lunch!  We ate lunch with our penpals and then played in the AWESOME playground at Kaikorai Primary School - we just LOVED the playground!!

After a FUN lunchtime, we came together to listen to what our afternoon activity was....and it was some fabulous Christmas craft activities!! Our wonderful parent helpers were on hand to help us create beautiful Christmas cards, amazing advent calendars, and fantastic Christmas tree decorations.  We had such fun creating our amazing craft items!!

At the end of the day we walked to the bus stop and popped back on the bus back to Wakari School.  What a fun day!