Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Room 9 sports stars demonstrate their ball skills!

Last week Room 9 had a session with Coach Naomi, the Sports Activator.  Coach Naomi played a fun warm up game with us called "Sticky Hands", when Coach Naomi said "Hands!" we had to run and stick our hands together with one of our classmates!  It was a fun game!  
After that we did some ball skills with Coach Naomi.  We concentrated hard to make sure that we were keeping our eyes on the ball at all times, and pushing out from our chest when we passed the ball.  We got better and better with practice! 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Room 9 shares their learning....

     Today Room 9 shared some of their learning at our school assembly!  The children shared some of their knowledge about creatures that live in the rock pools.  The Room 9 artists also showed their collaborative art piece inspired by our visit to the Warrington rock pools.

Caitlin said  "We made a room 9 rock pool."
Beth said "We used paper, dye and sand."
Jonty said "We made crabs. Crabs walk sideways.  They have pincers."
Marnie said "We made cats eyes. They stick to the rocks."
Kora said "We made hermit crabs. They dont have a shell, they find a shell."
Lara said "We made starfish. If their arm comes off they can grow a new one."
Blake Did you know that Starfish have their eyes at the end of their arms, and their mouth is in the middle of their body.
Lucca said "We hope you like our picture."

We hope you enjoy the video! 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Shape Monsters!

The Room 9 mathematicians created some AMAZING shape monsters!  We discussed the properties of the shapes we used - how many sides do they have? Are the sides equal? Then we created our colourful Shape Monsters!  Come along to Room 9 to see the finished masterpieces!