Thursday, April 7, 2016

Room 9 shares their learning....

     Today Room 9 shared some of their learning at our school assembly!  The children shared some of their knowledge about creatures that live in the rock pools.  The Room 9 artists also showed their collaborative art piece inspired by our visit to the Warrington rock pools.

Caitlin said  "We made a room 9 rock pool."
Beth said "We used paper, dye and sand."
Jonty said "We made crabs. Crabs walk sideways.  They have pincers."
Marnie said "We made cats eyes. They stick to the rocks."
Kora said "We made hermit crabs. They dont have a shell, they find a shell."
Lara said "We made starfish. If their arm comes off they can grow a new one."
Blake Did you know that Starfish have their eyes at the end of their arms, and their mouth is in the middle of their body.
Lucca said "We hope you like our picture."

We hope you enjoy the video! 

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